Opening the black box of recruitment

Solving the black box conundrum is what drives In2Dialog. We recognised early on that with the effective application of validated […]


Solving the black box conundrum is what drives In2Dialog. We recognised early on that with the effective application of validated psychometrics, language analysis tools and AI, we had the potential to augment – but not replace – human judgement and assessment in interviews. Making the interview process clearer, easier and fairer.

Saving time

At the most basic level, we realised we could save recruiters time. By automating the recording process for both live and online interviews and then generating both a transcript and summary of key points, we free recruiters up to focus on developing a meaningful dialogue with their candidates, all but eliminating the time and attention wasted on report writing. Recruiters are even able to set key themes for summaries, ensuring that the information presented on candidates is relevant to the organisation’s specific needs, consistent, and can be used to make meaningful comparisons.

Moreover, because the entire In2Dialog team has a background working with some of the biggest ATS providers on the market, we recognised that through seamless integration, we could save recruiters even more time: putting the information stakeholders need at their fingertips whilst allowing them to maintain their established workflows. And it isn’t just in-house information sharing that is improved: In2Dialog’s automated reports make it easier to share feedback with candidates, thereby improving the company’s image, reputation and ethicality as a candidate-focused recruiter.

Gaining candidate insight

We realised that if deployed correctly, these tools could achieve far more than just efficiency: they could enhance the effectiveness of interviews too. With psychometric and language analysis, we are able to measure specific candidate characteristics and character dimensions, including vivacity, mirroring, flexibility, complexity, variety, fluency and rate of speech. These all help to render the intangible more tangible, allowing recruitment teams to compare character-based attributes across their candidates.

The net result? Better matches, more placements, improved performance. 

Improving your team

And even with all these benefits already realised, we recognised that we could deliver even more through the power of In2Dialog’s interview analysis. Exactly the metrics which assess interviewee qualities could also be used to measure the style, techniques and methods used by the recruitment team during interviews.

In2Dialog can gain remarkable insight on this front. How long are interviewers taking, and how often are they extracting various traits from the interview: traits such as motivation, personality and competencies? Are they sharing talk time equally with candidates, and matching their energy and interview style? At what rate are they asking questions, taking turns in asking questions, and asking open questions? What areas and topics do their interviews tend to focus on?

By understanding these elements of the interview, managers are empowered to really open the black box of the interview process – using tangible metrics and records which make the interview transparent. Managers can then use these metrics to set benchmarks for the team to pursue, harmonising the team approach, and providing consistency regardless of which member of the team is undertaking an interview.

The net result is fairer and more objective interviewing, aligning the interview approach with the values and culture that the organisation wants to promote. Put together, these elements all yield more effective candidate matches. And the process of improvement is continuous and incremental: every interview provides more data for the In2Dialog model to work with.

Managing more effectively

All of this together produces a situation in which recruiters are able to develop their skills more effectively and in a more targeted manner, both individually and as a team. This can be particularly useful in the onboarding process; the metrics provided by In2Dialog present clear and objective expectations to new team members, and then provide them with a quantifiable measure of their progress as interviewers. This means that managers don’t have to devote time-consuming focus to the one-on-one development of their team; the metrics generated by In2Dialog ensure that managers stay constantly abreast of team performance, without having to sit in and actively review individual interview sessions. 

Do you want to open the black box of recruitment?

If you want to make your interview process more efficient, more effective and more aligned with your hiring strategy and goals; if you want to break the black box and grant managers the insight needed to improve the interview process on a continuous basis, why not get in contact with In2Dialog?

In just thirty minutes we can show you the transformative power of our AI-driven conversation analysis tool, and improve your recruitment outcomes, for good.

The AI tool that empowers your job interviews by taking notes, summarising, and extracting key information while you do the talking.



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