Better Interviews,
Better Matches

AI for recruiters
Automated recording and analysing recruitment interviews, live & online, saves you time! It gives you intelligent insights and streamlined reporting. With a deeper understanding of candidates and your recruitment processes you will win the game.
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Record live and online interviews and automate note-taking, leaving you free to do the talking. Customise what matters to you, and feed information directly into your ATS.


Generate and edit automated reports that are consistent, objective and relevant, reporting on both the content and psychometric dimensions of your interviews.


Gain deep insight into your recruitment workflows to make sure your process generates the outcomes you need. Benchmark and improve recruiter styles for effectiveness.

Unbiased Data for Optimal Recruiting


Make report writing history. Save valuable time with automated summaries and reports. Reduce time reviewing and training recruiters by letting In2Dialog guide the process.

Better Matches

Use objective and unbiased data to get the most out of the interviews. Objective interview reports and one standard for data quality lead to more and better matches.

Improve your recruitment process

Ensure that your recruitment process is the best that it can be. Use In2Dialog’s metrics, benchmarks and insight to engage in a process of continuous improvement for your recruiters.

Management Insights: stay on track

Quicker, easier report generation means accountability to recruiters, managere, external stakeholders and the candidates. In2Dialog gives the recruitment process full transparency.

Learn and develop

 In2Dialog gives the interviewer the tools to go deeper into understanding their candidate’ motives and fostering a meaningful dialogue, but it also allows them to effectively communicate that deeper insight to other stakeholders. 

Easy to use

In2Dialog revolutionises your recruitment approach without disrupting your existing workflows. Intuitive, easy-to-use and capable of, In2Dialog sits alongside your current recruitment processes and begins to deliver change from within. 

Seamless Integrations

Integrate In2Dialog into your workflow for seamless Recruiter-AI collaboration with integrations with your ATS, Teams, Google. 

AI and people: stay in touch 

Interviews are about personal connection, but decisions need to be objective. In2 Dialog leverages AI to augment, enhance and improve the efficiency of a people-based approach, never to replace it.

Focus on what matters

Target the content that matters. Extract key information within and across interviews, but also go deeper, using automated psychometric data to gain insight into energy, motivation, interpersonal styles and more.

Benchmark your performance

Compare yourself with several benchmarks, your own targets and team average for relevant insights.
We have recently started using in2dialog for the automatic realization of call reports. This allows us to focus on the conversation and get better quality interviews but also much more effective work because we get an automatic summary of the interview. Excellent technology specifically aimed at recruitment!
Wim van de Worp
Co-Founder / Managing Partner

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"In2Dialog has transformed our recruitment processes by saving us valuable time
and providing valuable insights into our interview style. With their platform,
we can focus more on building relationships with candidates and making better hires."
Guillaume Onclin
IT Business Analyst at NIMBL

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The AI tool that empowers your job interviews by taking notes, summarizing, and extracting key information while you do the talking.

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