About us

In2Dialog is an Utrecht-based start-up which develops AI-augmented tools to streamline and improve recruitment. Drawing from industry experience spanning the fields of recruitment, psychology and data science, In2Dialog delivers conversation analysis solutions that enable customers to analyse interviews and retrieve key information using artificial intelligence. The result is a more efficient, more accurate, more objective approach to interviewing, delivering better matches with less fuss, whilst fostering greater management oversight and continuous improvement for your business.

About us

Our philosophy

AI is a tool that has the ability to streamline many aspects of our lives, and provide deeper insight and more objectivity to the decisions we make. But it has its limits. The In2Dialog team recognised intimately the challenge that faces recruiters of all sizes, in all fields: how to maintain the important human dimension at the heart of recruitment, but to make it more effective, efficient, and reliable in its outcomes.
Other automated and AI-based tools seek to replace the human-centered approach with entirely automated systems, resulting in an impersonal approach which alienates potential candidates, reduces the interview process to a tick-box exercise, and actually diminishes the quality of recruitment. It seeks ‘efficiency’ at the sake of effectiveness.In2Dialog is built differently. It takes on the tasks that recruiters would rather not do: taking notes, writing reports, finding information. This leaves the recruiter more time to foster a meaningful dialogue with their candidates, and to distribute the findings of that dialogue in an objective, accurate and consistent manner. But it goes further, too. It provides organisations the tools needed for continuous improvement, allowing interviewers to learn and develop iteratively with each use.

Our team

We combine talent and experience. We love innovation, software, and AI, and strive to make this beneficial for everyone involved in recruitment—recruiters, candidates, and managers.
Diddo van Zand
& jazz guitarist
Amar Cosijn
& thai boxer
Jan van Goch
& windsurfer
Roderick Bronzwaer
Data Scientist
& motorcyclist
Peter Caine
Data Scientist (NLP)
& creative fixer
Wouter Swijgman
Mathematician | Data Scientist
& rock drummer, athlete
The AI tool that empowers your job interviews by taking notes, summarizing, and extracting key information while you do the talking.

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