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Customer Background:

NIMBL, an Amsterdam-based IT recruitment company specialising in Data & Analytics, IT Development & Testing, Cloud & Security, ERP & CRM, was founded in 2016. As a forward-thinking organization, NIMBL has been at the forefront of connecting top IT talent with leading organizations. They were among the first clients to recognize the potential of In2Dialog’s recruitment tooling services, seeking solutions to streamline their recruitment processes and enhance candidate experience.


NIMBL faced a significant challenge in their IT recruitment processes: the time-consuming administrative tasks that bogged down their recruiters. With a wide array of specialised roles in Data & Analytics, IT Development & Testing, Cloud & Security, ERP & CRM, recruiters spent a disproportionate amount of time on administrative tasks, leaving less time for building relationships with candidates. Because of the high workload and having multiple interviews on a day to day basis it also resulted in very short or sometimes no notes of the interview.


In2Dialog provided NIMBL with an interview tool designed to reduce admin work and enhance recruiter efficiency. Our platform provides intuitive note-taking features tailor made to the template of the client. Additionally, we offer Learning & Development (L&D) modules designed to enhance recruiters’ interview skills and provide direct feedback on their interview style, empowering them to conduct better interviews without their manager sitting in on calls.


The implementation of In2Dialog’s solution led to significant improvements in NIMBL’s recruitment processes.
By automating administrative tasks and providing tools for streamlined communication and note-taking, recruiters reduced the admin time, allowing them to focus on building relationships with candidates during the interviews instead of making notes. On average, NIMBL saved 34 minutes per interview in administrative and processing time, leading to a more efficient recruitment process and higher productivity.

  • 34 minutes saved per interview in administrative and processing time
  • Quality of data of the interview became standardised making it easier to match which increased the fill rate by 6%.

Future Plans:

While In2Dialog’s solution successfully addressed NIMBL’s immediate challenges, the collaboration between the two companies is poised for further growth. NIMBL plans to leverage In2Dialog’s L&D modules to further enhance recruiter skills and refine interview techniques. By providing direct feedback on interview performance, recruiters can continuously improve their skills, leading to better candidate experiences and higher-quality hires. Additionally, In2Dialog will offer their services for different types of conversations like job qualification and debriefs.

Things to Consider:

NIMBL’s decision to partner with In2Dialog was driven by their commitment to innovation and excellence in IT recruitment. The tailored solutions offered by In2Dialog not only addressed NIMBL’s immediate challenges but also provided a foundation for future growth and success.
As they continue to evolve, NIMBL plans to deepen their partnership with In2Dialog, exploring additional features and enhancements to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing IT recruitment landscape.

In2Dialog has transformed our recruitment processes by saving us valuable time and providing valuable insights into our interview style. With their platform, we can focus more on building relationships with candidates and making better hires.
Guillaume Onclin
IT Business Analyst at NIMBL

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