About us

From our Utrecht office, we work on the smartest technology to support HR and Recruitment in optimizing conversations. By using our tooling based on AI and semantic models, professionals save time because work you'd rather not do is eliminated. They never have to take notes during a conversation or interview and we generate a customized report. You decide the size and structure. Where possible, we use AI and add our own smart functionalities.

Our team

We combine talent and experience. We love innovation, software, and AI, and strive to make this beneficial for everyone involved in recruitment—recruiters, candidates, and managers.

Diddo van Zand

Founder / CEO

Amar Cosijn


Jan van Goch


Roderick Bronzwaer


Peter Caine

Data Scientist (NLP)

Wouter Swijgman

Mathematician | Data Scientist
About us

What we believe in

No writings, no reports, all you have to do is focus on the job interview and In2dialog will do the rest. In2dialog is a clever and useful tool that helps you to be a great recruiter. It records and registrates all your job interviews and gives you valuable insights of your candidates. You get better interviews, smart matches and more hires.
The AI tool that empowers your job interviews by taking notes, summarizing, and extracting key information while you do the talking.

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